i. Sustainability Unit (SCU)

• To ensure all operating units of SLDB & KAVSB group are certify for Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil certification (MSPO MS2530-3: 2013; General Principles for Oil Palm Plantations and organized Smallholders).
• The MSPO Certification provide a credible sustainable and responsible management, to brings about positive social, environmental and economic impacts, while minimizing the negative impacts, particularly on its people and the environment. These can be summarized as:
• Improve to standards of management
• Biodiversity enhancements
• Social enhancement
• Improved efficiency leading to economic benefits
• Adherence to health and safety policies
• Compliance with legal and contractor requirements
• To coordinate and monitor of MSPO implementations & compliances through internal audit, estate visit, site inspection, remote audit, progress report & meetings.
• To prepare and develop plan, standards, procedures & documentation system related to MSPO certification of estates against the requirement of the agreed certification standard.
• Rapport with relevant regulatory agencies specifically with MPOCC, MPOB & MSPO Certification body.

ii. Environment, Safety & Health Unit (ESH)

• To ensure all operating units comply with all the law and regulation regarding OSH and environment enforced by government and authority bodies.
• Develop and implement plans and programs for improving the awareness and ensuring a high level compliance in occupational safety and health & environment for each SLDB’s estate through establishment of OSH Management System and Environmental Management System.
• To monitor compliance in order to prevent penalties from DOSH / DOE / EPD to SLDB.
• Responsible and involve in implementation and maintain of MSPO Certification especially in criteria 4.4.4 and principle 5 of MSPO.